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LCCI states that Nigeria’s security is ineffective

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is advocating for a revision of the country’s security framework, citing the current system as ineffective and attributing it to a significant impact on food inflation.

Gabriel Idahosa, the President of LCCI, conveyed this message during the special end-of-year show, “2023: The Year of Transition,” aired on Channels Television.

Addressing the pressing security challenges, particularly the targeted attacks on farmers, predominantly in the northern region, involving kidnappings and fatalities, Idahosa underscored the broader security issues facing Nigeria.

He accentuated that these incidents contribute significantly to food inflation in the country and stressed the urgent need to address the security situation.

Idahosa highlighted the critical role of farmers in combating inflation, identifying transportation and food as the primary drivers of inflation, with food inflation being paramount.

He stressed the necessity for farmers to work daily in a secure environment, linking farm productivity to overall food inflation.

In his assessment, Idahosa pointed out that the existing security arrangement in Nigeria is inadequate, posing a barrier to farmers’ access to their farms.

He asserted that a functional security setup is imperative to ensure the safety of farmers, who play a pivotal role in food production.


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