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Jonathan Majors’ assault trial commences with conflicting accounts of a confrontation in the backseat

Jonathan Majors, the actor, remained silent with his head tilted and eyes lowered as a Manhattan prosecutor and his defense attorney presented conflicting narratives about a violent altercation in the backseat of a car. This incident led to assault charges against the film star, temporarily halting his swift rise in Hollywood.

The trial’s opening statements on Monday focused on whether Majors assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, following her discovery of a romantic text message on his phone from another woman. Prosecutors assert that Majors forcefully grabbed Jabbari’s hand, resulting in a fractured middle finger.

They allege that he then twisted her arm behind her back and struck her on the side of the head, marking the latest occurrence in an alleged pattern of physical and emotional abuse. In defense, Majors’ attorney contended that he was the actual victim, citing injuries sustained during the incident, while Jabbari purportedly spent the rest of the night clubbing.

Presenting conflicting accounts of the altercation to a jury is an uncommon occurrence, especially for a misdemeanor assault case that rarely goes to trial. For Jonathan Majors, a 34-year-old emerging talent, the potential consequences extend beyond the one-year prison sentence he faces if convicted.

In her opening statements, Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, highlighted his prominent roles in “Creed III” and his portrayal as a significant supervillain in the Marvel multiverse. She suggested that his once-thriving career faced a setback following the end of his relationship with Ms. Jabbari and her subsequent false allegations.

Since the March allegations, Majors has experienced setbacks in his career, with some of his projects, including the eagerly anticipated Sundance award-winning film “Magazine Dreams,” either pulled or postponed.

Characterizing Jabbari as a scorned lover aiming to sabotage her partner’s career out of revenge, Chaudhry also brought attention to Majors’ race – he is Black, while Jabbari is white – suggesting it might be a factor in his arrest the day after the confrontation.

Assistant district attorney Michael Perez informed the jurors that the purported assault was the result of a “cruel and manipulative pattern of psychological and physical abuse” that Majors allegedly subjected his partner of two years to.

During the trial, it will be argued that Majors exerted significant control over his girlfriend, insisting on complete compliance and even comparing her standards to those of Michelle Obama or Coretta Scott King.

Apart from the car incident, both the prosecution and defense presented contrasting accounts of the aftermath of the alleged assault. After the driver stopped, Majors reportedly fled with his phone, and Jabbari pursued him on foot, weaving through traffic like a scene from a movie, according to Chaudhry.

Unable to locate Majors, Jabbari joined three strangers and accompanied them to a Manhattan nightclub, where she spent hours drinking and dancing, as per the defense attorney’s account.

Assistant district attorney Perez countered this narrative, stating that Majors repeatedly threw Jabbari inside the car after the driver stopped. He claimed she sought refuge with bystanders in an attempt to temporarily escape the abuse inflicted by Majors. After a few hours at the nightclub, she returned home, took two sleeping pills, and fell asleep on her bathroom floor.

The following morning, Jabbari awoke to find Majors standing over her with police officers. Initially hesitant to report the abuse due to past manipulation by Majors, she eventually spoke out.

Following the incident, she was hospitalized for minor injuries. Six months later, the police arrested her after Majors filed a counter-claim, accusing her of assaulting him in the vehicle. The Manhattan DA dismissed those charges the next day.

Perez brought up this arrest on Monday, informing the jurors that Majors’ efforts to control and intimidate Jabbari persisted long after the alleged assault.

In the upcoming days, Jabbari is anticipated to testify against her former partner.

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