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Israel’s PM insists on no peace until Hamas is eliminated

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emphasized that achieving peace in Gaza is contingent upon the destruction of Hamas, demilitarization of the territory, and the deradicalization of Palestinian society.

This statement follows Netanyahu’s warning that the conflict is poised to escalate. The World Health Organization reported distressing accounts of families killed in Christmas Eve strikes on a Gaza refugee camp.

Netanyahu, in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, asserted his commitment to the current course of action, stating that Hamas must be eliminated, Gaza demilitarized, and Palestinian society deradicalized for peace with Israel.

He proposed the establishment of a temporary security zone around Gaza, with Israel retaining security responsibility. Despite global calls for a ceasefire, Netanyahu, after visiting Gaza, announced an intensification of the fighting.

The Gaza war began when Palestinian militants breached the border on October 7, resulting in a retaliatory campaign by Israel. The conflict has claimed numerous lives and led to widespread destruction.

Amid the devastation, Netanyahu’s visit to Gaza reaffirmed Israel’s determination to continue the military campaign.

The aftermath of strikes on the Al-Maghazi refugee camp raised concerns, with residents returning to ruined homes. The WHO reported “harrowing accounts” from the hospital treating victims, highlighting the impact on civilians, including children.

Israel, while reviewing incidents, affirmed its commitment to minimizing harm to civilians according to international law.

Gaza is facing severe humanitarian crises, with shortages of water, food, fuel, and medicine. Gazans endure real hunger, and an estimated 1.9 million have been displaced.

The UN refugee agency called for a humanitarian ceasefire. Netanyahu suggested supporting the voluntary migration of civilians from Gaza, a proposal rejected by Hamas.

Addressing parliament, Netanyahu faced criticism from families of hostages held in Gaza, calling for their release.

The number of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza rose to 158, with ongoing tensions and escalations in the region, including reported incidents in Syria and the Red Sea involving Iran-backed forces.



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