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Insecurity Has Gone Beyond Control – Elder Bode George

A founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, expressed deep concern about the country’s security situation, stating that it has spiraled out of control.

Emphasizing the gravity of the current state, he asserted that addressing the issues goes beyond political maneuvering and urged President Tinubu to take decisive action, acknowledging the daunting task ahead.

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Chief George, during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, remarked that the nation is in a state of perpetual despair and despondency, with widespread hunger and anger.

He stressed the urgency of addressing insecurity, stating that it has escalated beyond manageable levels. Reflecting on President Tinubu’s New Year speech and objectives, Chief George acknowledged the challenges faced by the leader and expressed readiness among Nigerians to give him time to address the pressing issues.

Regarding recent incidents, such as the Plateau killings and other acts of violence across the country, Chief George highlighted the need for President Tinubu to leverage modern technology to combat these challenges effectively.

He stressed the importance of surveillance equipment and the strategic placement of cameras, drawing a parallel with security measures in England.

Furthermore, Chief George reiterated his advocacy for the establishment of state police, asserting that the concentration of power on the Inspector General of Police is not conducive to effective law enforcement.

He argued that having police forces at the state level, despite potential costs, is crucial for communal engagement in security matters.

Chief George acknowledged the complexity of the issues at hand and emphasized that while the President may not resolve everything within a year, initiating concrete steps is imperative to demonstrate a commitment to addressing the nation’s security concerns.



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