In a shocking turn of events, a baby, believed to have been sold by a maid for the staggering sum of N800,000, was discovered amidst the bustling activity of a market in Lagos State’s Shomolu area. The alarming incident came to light after the concerned individual, #Dannysleek, took to social media on Saturday, sounding the alarm about the disappearance of the child, allegedly orchestrated by a maid hired through an agency.

The maid in question, identified as Ruth Okezie hailing from Anambra State, reportedly vanished from the residence in Shomolu under the cover of night, around 2 am on Saturday, with the helpless infant in tow. Following the widespread circulation of the distressing news on social platforms, authorities managed to track down the maid in Ikorodu. However, the baby was nowhere to be found. In a startling confession, the maid admitted to the despicable act of selling the innocent child for the exorbitant sum of N800,000.

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