Terrorist Ambush Claims Lives of 23 Soldiers from Niger Republic

Niger Republic confirmed the loss of 23 soldiers in what it termed a “terrorist” ambush near the borders with Burkina Faso and Mali, an area known for its vulnerability to jihadist attacks. The soldiers fell victim to a “complex ambush,” with the military reporting the neutralization of approximately 30 terrorists involved in the attack.

The ambush occurred in a region where local populations are frequently targeted by armed groups engaged in various criminal activities, including murder, extortion, and cattle rustling. The military operations aimed to reassure these communities, under threat from armed groups, about their safety and security.

Despite ongoing efforts to combat jihadist violence, which has persisted for eight years, the recent incident underscores the enduring security challenges in the region. The attack occurred between Teguey and Bankilare, where over 100 “terrorists” unleashed an assault on the army unit, employing homemade bombs and suicide vehicles.

Following the ambush, Nigerien soldiers conducted security operations in Tillaberi, situated in the tri-border area, on Tuesday and Wednesday, as confirmed by the defense ministry late Thursday. Tillaberi has been a hotspot for jihadist activity since 2017, despite significant deployments of anti-jihadist forces.


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