Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State, accompanied by prominent state leaders, convened with Bayelsa State Governor Senator Douye Diri in a pivotal meeting aimed at resolving property disputes entangled in legal battles between the two states. This collaborative effort signified a commitment to mitigate boundary-related tensions and foster a renewed spirit of unity and cooperation.

Highlighting the significance of the gathering, Governor Fubara emphasized that the purpose surpassed a customary visit, emphasizing its essence as a platform for reunification. Addressing the shared interests and jointly-owned assets, he stressed the necessity to navigate disputes amicably, urging both parties to prioritize resolution for collective progress.

Asserting the indispensable link between peace and development, Governor Fubara underscored that sustainable growth hinges on a harmonious environment, advocating for conflict resolution as a precursor to collective advancement.

Expressing gratitude, Governor Fubara acknowledged the solidarity extended by Bayelsa State amidst political turmoil in Rivers State. He acknowledged the role of President Bola Tinubu in mediating the political crisis and reaffirmed support for the President’s administration, emphasizing the integral connection between peace in Rivers State and the nation’s economic stability.

In response, Bayelsa State Governor Senator Douye Diri welcomed Governor Fubara’s visit and his proactive approach to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. Recognizing ongoing legal disputes, such as the Soku oil wells and the demolition of the Bayelsa House, Senator Diri pledged commitment to collaborative efforts, emphasizing solidarity and brotherhood in addressing shared concerns.

Additionally, Governor Fubara extended birthday felicitations to Senator Azuta Mbata, further illustrating a spirit of goodwill and camaraderie beyond the political realm.

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