Acknowledging Presidential Empathy:

Dr. Yetunde Adeniji, the Senior Special Assistant to President Bola Tinubu on School Feeding Programme (SFP), praised the allocation of N100 billion for the program in the 2024 budget. In a statement released from the office of the SSA in Abuja, Adeniji highlighted the President’s empathetic stance toward underprivileged children in the country. She emphasized how this significant allocation exemplifies President Tinubu’s commitment to supporting the welfare of economically disadvantaged youths.

Budget as a Manifestation of Compassion:

Regarding the 2024 budget, Adeniji hailed its compassionate nature, specifically citing the N100 billion dedicated to the school feeding program. She expressed that this budget, amounting to N28.7 trillion, symbolizes an empathetic approach toward uplifting the Nigerian populace. It serves as a testament to President Tinubu’s unwavering dedication to the overall wellbeing and progress of the nation’s citizens.

Appreciation for Leadership Qualities:

Adeniji commended President Tinubu’s consistent demonstration of essential leadership qualities, including energy, strength, capacity, and most importantly, empathy and compassion in steering the affairs of Nigeria. She extended her heartfelt appreciation to the President for his visionary decision to reintroduce the School Feeding Programme, recognizing its pivotal role in addressing societal challenges.

Impact on Communities and Children:

Highlighting the broader impact of the School Feeding Programme, Adeniji stressed its potential to uplift communities by removing children from the streets. Additionally, she underscored its role in enhancing the socioeconomic activities within the areas hosting these schools. This, she believed, signifies not just a feeding initiative but a holistic approach to community development.
Assurance of Allocation Utilization:

While expressing gratitude for the budget allocation, Adeniji assured President Tinubu and the Nigerian populace of the judicious use of the allocated funds. She reiterated the alignment of this allocation with President Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda, assuring its targeted and effective implementation to achieve the envisioned positive changes within the country.

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