Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara reassures the public of unwavering commitment to progress amid political turbulence. Despite attempts to disrupt the state’s development pace, he remains steadfast, urging residents to remain undeterred.

A clash within the state Assembly resulted in a standoff, culminating in the destruction and subsequent demolition of the Assembly complex. Fubara, facing resistance, affirmed resilience, vowing to continue steering the state toward prosperity.

During a New Year’s Eve church service, Fubara asserted his triumph over detractors, symbolized by retaining a “red biro,” signifying ongoing progress. He pledged to maintain the state’s trajectory of growth, attributing the foundation to divine grace.

Despite acknowledging a feud with his estranged political mentor, he remained resolute in advancing Rivers State, outlining a developmental agenda for 2024. He expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for mediating the crisis, emphasizing support for Tinubu’s endeavors in reciprocation.

Fubara lauded the unwavering support of Rivers people, urging trust in his decisions for the state’s betterment. The sermon by Bishop Emmanuel Oko-Jaja conveyed hope, assuring the nation of eventual economic restoration.

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