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LP will be Nigeria’s opposition party in 2024 — Peter Obi

Mr Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in 2023, has stated that his party will adapt to its new role as the main opposition party in Nigeria.

He said that the Labour Party will not relent in challenging the APC and defending the interests of Nigerians.

In his New Year Message to the nation on Monday, he said, “Nigeria is our only country, richly blessed but poorly led over the years. We will not stop pursuing a new Nigeria that we believe is achievable.”

He added that a new Nigeria was within reach despite the many unmet expectations of the people.

He wished all Nigerians a happy and prosperous new year and prayed to God to shower them with His blessings and grant them their heart desires.


Obi said: “The happenings of the past year are now part of our national memory. As we move on, we are conscious of the state of our nation and the fact that our greatest hopes and aspirations are still far from being realized.

“Peace and security are still lacking as the level of violence and bloodshed is alarming and sometimes worse than a war situation.

“It is heartbreaking and unacceptable that hundreds of Nigerians were killed violently in December alone.

“While we pray for the eternal rest of the departed souls, we urge the Federal Government to do all that is necessary to bring the culprits to justice and prevent a recurrence in any part of Nigeria.”

He observed that the nation’s economy required a revamp, given the rising unemployment, inflation, poverty, inequality, and other critical socioeconomic indicators.

“Nigerians are now fully aware and persuaded that good governance, inclusive development, and accountable leadership that are expected in a functional democracy are still missing.

“But we must be steadfast and determined in our demand for the rule of law, regulatory quality, and government efficiency for innovative solutions to a multitude of our social challenges.

“If there is one major threat to our democracy, it is the erosion and weakening of our national institutions and the hijacking of state affairs and resources by a few individuals and private interests.

“This must end for Nigeria to progress and function as an inclusive and sustainable society and nation,” Obi, a former two-term governor of Anambra, said.

He stressed that in a democratic and secular country like ours, there must be full respect for the separation of powers between the three independent arms of government, as well as between the federating units.

He urged the National Assembly to dedicate time and effort to the diligent execution of its duties, such as the 2024 budget, which needed its careful scrutiny and subsequent approval or rejection based on patriotism.

Obi said the country must work hard to prevent becoming a one-party state or a situation where the Federal Government interfered excessively in the internal matters of the states, especially in cases where national security was not at risk.

He added, “We in the Labour Party have taken up the task of serving the national interest and our unwavering commitment to a New Nigeria that is achievable, to stay firmly in opposition and, as such, must stay focused moving forward.

“Our joint role in nation-building is essential and mandatory,” Obi said.

He seized the opportunity to express his gratitude to all Nigerians who backed his campaign during the 2023 elections and voted for his party because of their faith in the vision for a New Nigeria.

Obi said the result of the 2023 presidential elections was challenged and remained so, on record,” but the Courts of law have made their decision; so it is.”

He said, “I want to thank members of the Labour Party, the Obidient Family, friends and supporters of Nigeria for their loyalty, perseverance, determination and dedication to true democracy.

“We will keep up the ongoing conversations and efforts for the Labour Party to adapt to our new position as Nigeria’s main opposition party.

“We will keep on engaging constructively with all Nigerians and our friends, who have now understood the huge consequences of the path not chosen; and the foolishness of national interest decisions based on emotions and ancestral interests.”

Obi said that Nigeria was a country blessed by God and that the affairs of Nigeria were too important to be left to those involved in opportunistic politics.

“I am part of the fight for a New Nigeria that is possible and works for everyone and will remain fervently committed to the cause.

“I, therefore,  urge you all who aspire for a New Nigeria to remain fully involved, committed and resilient as it can and will be possible.”



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