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Fatal auto-crash on Kaduna-Abuja expressway claims 16 lives, leaves 27 injured, reports FRSC

Tragedy struck on the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway as the Federal Road Safety Corps, Kaduna Sector Command, reported a fatal road crash resulting in the death of 16 individuals, with 27 others sustaining injuries.

The incident took place at Audu Jhangon village along the expressway early on Sunday at approximately 5:20 am. According to Mr. Kabir Nadabo, the Sector Commander, the accident involved a DAF truck with the registration number KUJ 430XC, carrying an overloaded cargo. The vehicle lost control and plunged into a ditch.

Preliminary findings suggest that the driver was likely traveling at high speed, possibly due to fatigue. The combined efforts of the rescue teams from RS1.114 Zhipe Unit Command and RS1.16B Dutse Outpost were deployed for the rescue operations.

Out of the 65 people involved in the crash, 27 sustained injuries and 16 lost their lives. The injured individuals have been promptly transported to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

Mr. Nadabo, who visited the scene upon receiving the news, ensured the coordination of rescue efforts and directed the evacuation of the deceased to the morgue. Additionally, he oversaw the removal of the accident debris blocking part of the road with the assistance of a tow truck.

As of now he said, the operation is ongoing, and the affected stretch of the road has been cleared, allowing for the resumption of normal traffic flow. The authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

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