Governor Sheriff Oborevwori

Deltans criticize Oborevweri for delays in appointing information and justice commissioners

Delta State residents have expressed dissatisfaction with Governor Sheriff Oborevweri’s prolonged delay in appointing Commissioners for Information and Justice/Attorney General in the state.

The absence of these key figures has raised concerns among the populace, who believe that the ministries lack the necessary political will to implement state policies and programs without the appointed commissioners.

Activist Mr. Jude Ojiugo-Onochie, speaking on behalf of the people, criticized the Governor, stating that the non-appointment of commissioners in these crucial ministries reflects Oborevweri’s lack of preparedness for governance.

He emphasized the significance of these positions, highlighting that the Information Commissioner serves as the voice of the state, while the Commissioner for Justice/Attorney General plays a pivotal role in providing legal advice to the government.

Ojiugo-Onochie alleged that the delay in appointing the Commissioner for Justice/Attorney General could be linked to political considerations, suggesting that Governor Oborevweri might be reserving the position for a member of his election petition legal team after a Supreme Court judgment.

Expressing concerns about the Governor’s unpreparedness or possible disagreements with other political figures, Ojiugo-Onochie conveyed a sense of pessimism about the state’s current trajectory. He emphasized the negative implications of such delays on the overall well-being of Delta State.

In response to these criticisms, Prof Leory Edozien, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in the state, acknowledged that the Governor may have valid reasons for the delay.

Edozien suggested that the Governor might be waiting for the right individuals to fill these positions or dealing with ongoing legal matters.

Edozien pointed out that governance must continue despite the absence of commissioners, expressing hope that if the Governor remains in office after a Supreme Court judgment, he will appoint suitable candidates.

However, he cautioned that if there is a change in leadership, the APC would bring in competent individuals to oversee the ministries.

Governor Oborevweri addressed the concerns during a visit by the Delta State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. He assured the public that appointments to the ministries would be made based on merit and competence when the time is deemed appropriate.

Oborevweri sought to allay fears and reiterated the importance of a thorough and thoughtful selection process for these critical positions in the state government.


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