Asake receives backlash for giving only N5 million to the ailing policewoman featured in the viral ‘Epp me’ video.


Nigerian singer Asake is in the spotlight for gifting 5 million Naira to Helen Utabor, the ailing policewoman from the viral ‘Epp me’ video.

Helen gained widespread attention with the ‘epp me epp me’ trend, and Asake, along with many others, joined in creating content based on the trend.

The policewoman, who recently pleaded for financial help after a traffic accident in Edo state, received Asake’s donation of 5 million Naira. However, the gesture stirred controversy rather than applause.

It’s worth noting that Asake incorporated the woman’s audio in his hit song ‘Peace be unto you’ without compensating her. The song reportedly earned over 500 million Naira in streams.

A post highlighted, “Asake used this woman’s audio ‘Epp Me. Epp me. E dey carry me go where I no know’ in his hit song PBUY without any settlement,” revealing that the singer sent only 5 million Naira despite the song’s substantial success. The post also noted Asake’s recent 136 million Naira house purchase, sparking criticism of his actions.


Checkout the posts below:


The post triggered massive reactions with social media users sharing their controversial thoughts. Read some comments shown below:

@TheGladiatorFan said, “Yeah. Cos she’s entitled to his money like that Abi. While you’re at it, write another 10 million of your own money to prove a point. We’lol be waiting on the sidelines.”

@dgreatoom said, “If you were to be in Asake’s shoe, what will you do?”

@dammygtnet said, “I understand you like generating controversies but sending her N5m should be appreciated. There was no legal agreement as to the usage of ‘her voice or craft’ so to say. Asake sent the money out of his own volition, he should be appreciated.”

@Olalekanakogun said, “He sent 5 million??? What happened to giving her his leg or at least take over her medical expenses and her family’s upkeep???🤦🏽‍♂️…what a wicked guy, how could he have bitten the finger that fed him? He owes her his life!”





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