African Graduate Unemployment: Ticking Time Bomb

Prof. Elifas Tozo Bisanda, the Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Tanzania, expressed grave concern over the escalating number of unemployed graduates across Africa, warning that it represents a looming crisis.

During the 13th Convocation Lecture of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in Abuja, Bisanda stressed the urgency for African graduates facing unemployment to consider pursuing technical and vocational education to acquire relevant skills.

He underscored the imperative for African nations to take proactive measures to address the challenges posed by unemployment, highlighting the importance of tailoring education to meet the needs of society and empower youth for active participation in the local economy.

Bisanda also called for a reevaluation of examination methods, advocating for assessments that measure students’ ability to apply acquired knowledge rather than mere recall, as a means to foster practical skills and readiness for the workforce.

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