US Warns Israel: If You Retaliate Against Iran, You'll Stand Alone

In the wake of Iran’s recent attacks over the weekend, the United States has privately conveyed to Israel that any potential military retaliation would be carried out independently without direct U.S. involvement, reports ABC News. This stance marks a departure from the usual support extended to Israel, a long-standing ally that has historically received substantial military aid from the U.S. and enjoyed a close relationship termed “ironclad.”

With Israel increasingly taking unilateral action, particularly in Gaza, and facing criticism for the perceived extent of its military operations, the Biden administration has underscored its reluctance to engage in offensive military actions against Iran, fearing escalation in the already volatile Middle East. A senior administration official emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense but clarified that the U.S. would not partake in any potential offensive measures.

This message was reiterated in a direct phone call between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Austin reportedly affirmed U.S. support for Israel’s defense while explicitly stating that the U.S. did not intend to participate in any prospective counteroffensive. The backdrop to this diplomatic exchange was Iran’s missile attack on Israel, initially believed to involve only a handful of ballistic missiles but later revealed to comprise over 100, causing significant alarm among world leaders.

The attack, viewed as retaliation for a strike on what Iran claimed to be its consulate in Damascus, Syria, raised tensions in the region. Despite Israeli air defenses failing to intercept some Iranian missiles, causing damage to air bases, there were no reports of substantial harm. This development underscores the precarious nature of the situation and the potential for further escalation in the ongoing conflict between Iran and Israel.

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