Ukrainian Firm Set to Venture into Nigeria's Energy Industry

EDS, a Ukrainian company, is gearing up to inject investment into Nigeria’s energy sector with the aim of enhancing electricity supply across the country. According to Zapyshynyi Olexandr, the Director of EDS, the company is devising strategies to kickstart the project, which will involve integrating solar, wind, and hydro energies. Initially, the project will focus on areas with critical energy needs, starting with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Lagos before expanding to other states.

Olexandr highlighted the importance of mini-grids in addressing Nigeria’s energy challenges, emphasizing that the success of the initial project will influence the scale of future investments. Ben Gbade Ojo, President of the Ukraine-Nigeria Business Council, expressed optimism about the potential of EDS to positively impact Nigeria’s power sector. He urged Nigerians to leverage the expertise and resources of EDS to drive sustainable improvements in electricity generation and distribution.

The press conference served as a platform to introduce EDS Ukraine Power and Engineering to Nigeria and underscore the opportunities for collaboration between Ukraine and Nigeria in the energy sector. Ojo emphasized the significance of partnering with EDS to foster sustainable development and efficiency in Nigeria’s power sector, urging government officials and stakeholders to explore avenues for cooperation with the Ukrainian company.

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