Tinubu Asserts Nigeria's Abundance of High-Quality Lithium for Clean Energy

President Bola Tinubu has greenlit a comprehensive set of policies aimed at revitalizing Nigeria’s education sector. These policies are designed to enhance learning outcomes, boost enrollment rates, and safeguard the educational journey of the country’s youth.

Referred to as DOTS, the approved policies encompass Data Repository, Out-of-School Children Education, Teacher Training & Development, and Skill Development & Acquisition. The implementation of these policies marks a pivotal step towards addressing the various challenges faced by the education sector.

According to Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale, the lack of cohesive and reliable data has hindered effective planning and interventions in Nigeria’s education landscape. The newly established National Education Data System will bridge this gap, providing accurate insights to guide policy decisions and support vulnerable groups such as out-of-school children and girls.

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