GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in prisonPhoto Credit: Hypebeast

GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in prison

The 18-year-old responsible for the Grand Theft Auto VI footage leak has been sentenced to indefinite confinement in a high-security British hospital prison, as reported by the BBC on Thursday.

The judge’s decision, influenced by Kurtaj’s autism, arises from concerns about public safety, given his stated intention to continue engaging in cybercrimes if released.

During the sentencing on Thursday, the court noted Kurtaj’s history of violence while in custody, with numerous reports of injuries and property damage.

A mental health assessment revealed his persistent intent to return to cybercrime at the earliest opportunity.

Under this sentence, Kurtaj will remain in the hospital prison for life until medical professionals determine that he is no longer a threat.

The mental health evaluation emphasized his ongoing desire for further hacking activities. Consequently, Kurtaj received an indefinite hospital order, mandating his continued stay in the secure facility unless deemed non-threatening by medical experts.

This ruling underscores the complex interplay of legal, mental health, and cybersecurity issues in the case.


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