Bafana Mahungela

South Africa News: The bail hearing for Mahungela continues

The bail application for 21-year-old Bafana Mahungela, accused of the murder and rape of 34-year-old Johannesburg teacher Kirsten Kluyts, is set to continue at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg.

Mahungela was apprehended in connection with the tragic death of Kirsten Kluyts, whose lifeless body was discovered in a ditch at George Lea Park, Sandton, in October.

The ongoing court proceedings have brought to light compelling evidence presented by the state, including photographs taken at the crime scene.

During the recent hearing, the prosecution submitted images depicting Mahungela allegedly following Kluyts on the fateful morning when her body was found. Additionally, photographs presented to the court purportedly show Mahungela wearing clothing that belonged to the victim.

In response to the evidence presented, Mahungela asserted his innocence, claiming that the only crime he committed was stealing Kirsten Kluyts’ clothing. He told the court, “On that day, the crime that I committed was taking her clothes. I have never committed crimes before.

When the police came to me and asked me, I did not deny it. I did say that I took the clothes. When they asked me to open my phone, I did. I did not resist anything. They searched my room, and I complied with everything because I know that I did not commit the crime. The only crime that I will agree to is that I did take the clothes and throw them away.”

The court will now weigh the presented evidence and Mahungela’s statements as the bail application proceedings continue. The case has garnered significant public attention, and the community anxiously awaits the court’s decision in this high-profile matter.


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