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10 people lose their lives due to severe rainfall in India

In a devastating turn of events, at least 10 people have lost their lives due to floods caused by intense rainfall in southern India, as reported by local media on Wednesday. This comes only weeks after a cyclone triggered severe flooding in the same regions.

The state of Tamil Nadu is grappling with the aftermath, leaving hundreds stranded as roads are submerged in water. The airforce has been deployed to drop 10 tonnes of emergency supplies to aid those marooned in inaccessible areas.

Disturbing footage from the Press Trust of India reveals entire neighborhoods submerged, prompting rescue teams to employ boats for evacuation. Tamil Nadu’s chief secretary, Shiv Das Meena, confirmed the tragic toll, stating that 10 people have died, and approximately 12,600 residents have been compelled to seek refuge in safer locations.

The situation is particularly dire in districts like Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli, as indicated by the state governor’s office on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), describing the circumstances as “grim.”

Expressing concern, Tamil Nadu state chief minister M.K. Stalin attributed the calamity to “historically high rainfalls,” emphasizing the severe impact on livelihoods and extensive damage to infrastructure.

These heavy rains follow closely on the heels of Cyclone Michaung, which claimed at least eight lives and struck Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states on December 6.

While December typically sees rains in southern India, scientists caution that the increasing intensity of storms may be linked to global warming and climate change. The current situation underscores the urgent need for preparedness and adaptive measures in the face of evolving weather patterns.



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