Matawalle Warns Northern Appointees: Support Tinubu or Resign

Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, has issued a stern directive to all northern appointees, urging them to throw their support behind President Bola Tinubu or step down from their positions. This ultimatum came in response to Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed’s critique of Matawalle’s defense of Tinubu’s administration.

Baba-Ahmed, who serves as Special Adviser on Political Matters in the Presidency, expressed dissent towards Matawalle’s defense strategy, believing it could have been handled more effectively to bolster the current administration’s standing. Matawalle, however, defended his stance, emphasizing the need for unity and steadfast support for Tinubu’s government.

In a statement, Matawalle reminded Baba-Ahmed of his duty to uphold the success of the current administration and shield it from unwarranted criticism. He urged all appointees, including Baba-Ahmed, to actively promote the government’s achievements across various sectors.

Furthermore, Matawalle stressed that silence or acquiescence in the face of misrepresentation is unacceptable. He called on all appointees to either demonstrate unwavering loyalty to Tinubu’s administration or make way for others who will.

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