Man Who Dismembered Wife's Body into 200 Pieces Receives Life Sentence

Nicholas Metson, 28, has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 19 years for the murder of his wife, Holly Bramley, 26, whom he fatally stabbed at least four times before dismembering her body into over 200 pieces in March 2023. Metson then stored her remains in the kitchen larder of their shared flat in Shuttleworth House, Stamp End, Lincoln, for a week before enlisting the help of his friend, Joshua Hancock, to dispose of them in a river.

Metson pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court by His Honour Judge Simon Hirst of Shuttleworth House, Lincoln. During sentencing, Judge Hirst remarked that the cause of Bramley’s death could not be determined due to the way Metson treated her body after killing her. Hancock, who assisted in disposing of Bramley’s remains, received a three-year and three-month prison sentence, along with a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.

Bramley’s dismembered remains were discovered in a river by an individual who initially mistook them for animal remains. Some parts of her body, including portions of her heart, were never recovered. Metson initially denied the charges but later changed his plea to guilty before the trial began. Evidence presented during the trial, including incriminating Google searches on Metson’s phone and deceptive statements to the police, further implicated him in the crime.

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