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Klopp regrets Tsimikas’ injury overshadowing Liverpool’s draw with Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that Liverpool’s intense 1-1 draw against Premier League contenders Arsenal was overshadowed by the significant injury sustained by Kostas Tsimikas.

The collision between the Reds’ defender and his manager occurred during the match. Despite the setback, Klopp’s team rallied, securing a point and staying just one point behind Arsenal in the standings. Mohamed Salah’s powerful shot equalized Gabriel Magalhaes’ early header at Anfield.

However, Klopp couldn’t help but lament the unusual incident that resulted in Tsimikas suffering a broken collarbone and facing an extended period on the sidelines.

The Greek left-back collided with Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka late in the first half, sending him sprawling into Klopp, who was positioned right in front of him on the touchline.

Klopp was sent tumbling, but it was Tsimikas who remained on the ground, eventually assisted to the tunnel while clutching his shoulder.

Liverpool faced a setback as they were already missing their first-choice left-back, Andrew Robertson, due to a shoulder issue. Klopp expressed the magnitude of the situation, stating that Tsimikas had a definite collarbone break, rendering him sidelined for an extended period.

Despite Klopp’s frustration over Tsimikas’ injury, he found solace in Liverpool’s performance against Arsenal. Klopp acknowledged Arsenal’s strong start but felt his team held their ground.

Reflecting on missed opportunities, Klopp emphasized Liverpool’s chances post-halftime and noted their effective high press.

Klopp acknowledged Arsenal’s exceptional qualities but highlighted a crucial 20-minute period where Liverpool had the upper hand, sensing vulnerability in the opposing team that they failed to capitalize on.

Expressing frustration, Klopp addressed the VAR decision that denied a first-half penalty for a seemingly clear handball by Martin Odegaard. He anticipated an explanation for the decision, questioning how it could not be deemed a handball.

The hard-fought contest resulted in Liverpool securing second place, trailing behind Arsenal as they enter the busy Christmas schedule. Klopp emphasized the need for Liverpool to build on this result and continue progressing.

Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, expressed delight in his players’ resilience in facing Liverpool at Anfield. Arteta highlighted the significance of demonstrating their playing style in such a challenging atmosphere, signaling their ability to perform well at any venue.

Despite Arsenal’s previous struggles at Anfield, Arteta emphasized their success in holding their own during a physically demanding clash. He characterized the game as one of the most intense and hectic he had witnessed in his 20-year experience in the league.

The football match was described as extraordinary, featuring two teams that elevated their performance to an unprecedented level. Both sides were determined to secure a victory, leading to a highly competitive and dynamic encounter.

The speaker acknowledged Liverpool as the best team globally when it comes to shaping and influencing a match. The rapid transition from having a scoring opportunity with Jesus to defending their own goal within a matter of seconds exemplified Liverpool’s exceptional ability to turn the tide.

In response to Arsenal securing the top position at Christmas, Arteta expressed satisfaction, stating that it allows the team to enjoy a festive Christmas dinner with their families before swiftly returning to preparations for the upcoming game.


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