IT Firm Offers N25 Million Grant to Ogun Tech Startup

Edutams, a school management solution provider, has announced a generous N25 million grant aimed at supporting tech startups interested in developing innovative solutions across Ogun State. Ademola Adenubi, the founder and CEO of Edutams, highlighted the grant’s purpose: to foster the creation of groundbreaking solutions that drive digital transformation within the education sector. This initiative underscores Edutams’ commitment to nurturing technological innovation within the region.

In a statement released on Saturday, Adenubi unveiled Edutams iHub, a newly established cloud-based school management software company situated in the Ijebu Ode area. Edutams iHub serves as an innovation hub, facilitating collaboration among young individuals to ideate and develop technological solutions addressing challenges in Nigeria’s education system. Adenubi emphasized the significance of homegrown innovations in driving inclusivity and adaptability in digitalizing the nation’s educational landscape.

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration, Adenubi stressed the need for joint efforts between the Universal Basic Education Commission, the Ministry of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, and local stakeholders to leverage indigenous solutions for digitalizing education. Despite only 10 percent of Nigeria’s public and private schools partially utilizing technology in education services, Edutams remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting startups and fostering educational innovation.

Additionally, Edutams iHub plans to provide incubation facilities and funding opportunities to at least five startups. Adenubi affirmed Edutams’ commitment to collaborating with the Ogun Tech Community in identifying and selecting promising startup founders, providing them with the necessary resources and infrastructure to develop their solutions effectively. Adekunle Durosinmi, President of the Ogun Tech Community, commended Edutams’ efforts, affirming their alignment with the community’s mission and expressing enthusiasm for the impact of Edutams iHub on the tech ecosystem in Ogun State.

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