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First Lady Tinubu anticipates a bright 2024 for Nigerians

In a heartening Christmas message delivered on Saturday at the State House, the wife of the President, Oluremi Tinubu, shared her positive outlook for the coming year, proclaiming that 2024 would be a momentous and splendid time for Nigerians.

This optimistic sentiment was expressed following a Christmas celebration hosted by the First Lady for the children of the Nana Berry Orphanage in Abuja.

During this festive occasion, Mrs. Tinubu not only spread joy but also offered valuable advice to parents, urging them to instill hope in their children and redirect the narrative surrounding poverty.

“As we enter the year 2024, our focus should be on transforming the lives of the young ones,” remarked the First Lady, emphasizing the need to alter the discourse surrounding poverty.

She advocated for a shift in perspective, urging individuals to refrain from discussing poverty in the presence of children. Mrs. Tinubu asserted that Nigeria is not a poor nation and encouraged those with means to uplift the less fortunate, thereby fostering wealth and well-being.

“We have taken the issue of poverty out of context, and it is really polluting the hearts of the young ones, but we have to give them hope and show them the life that is positive.

We are entering a glorious year, and those who believe that it is going to be glorious will enjoy it,” she declared with optimism.

During the Christmas party, Mrs. Tinubu engaged with the children, sharing a Bible story and emphasizing the importance of imparting good morals to shape them into exemplary adults.

She called upon parents to weave Christmas stories into the fabric of their family traditions, fostering a sense of joy, hope, and positivity.

In an effort to contribute to the well-being of vulnerable children, Mrs. Tinubu unveiled plans to adopt one orphanage home per year, starting with Nana Berry Orphanage.

This initiative aims to provide a sense of belonging and well-being to children who, like all Nigerians, harbor dreams and aspirations for a brighter future.

“They are all Nigerians; as you can see, they all have dreams like every one of us; bringing them here is for them to know that nothing is impossible; they too can become the person whom God will put in place of power like this,”

Mrs. Tinubu affirmed, underlining the significance of nurturing aspirations and empowering the younger generation.

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