FG to Reassess Oil Firms' Gas Flaring Plans

The Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Iziaq Salako, announced plans for the Ministry to collaborate with the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency in conducting regular reviews of international and indigenous oil companies’ strategies. This initiative aims to ensure their alignment with the goal of ending routine gas flaring by 2030. Salako made this declaration during the national stakeholders engagement meeting on methane mitigation and reduction in Nigeria‚Äôs oil and gas sector held in Abuja.

Methane, recognized as a potent greenhouse gas, poses a substantial threat to climate protection goals and the health of current and future generations. Addressing methane emissions, particularly in the oil and gas sector, is crucial to bolstering climate action and unlocking benefits for public health, food security, and economic development. Practical measures are being implemented to tackle methane emissions in Nigeria, reflecting the country’s commitment to climate mitigation.

President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to environmental sustainability and climate action aligns with Nigeria’s participation in multilateral environmental agreements. This commitment underscores the importance of addressing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry to capitalize on the opportunities for sustainable development, economic growth, and energy security. Additionally, stakeholders emphasize the need for inclusive discussions, innovative solutions, and collective action to address the pressing impacts of methane emissions on climate and the environment.

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