FG expresses concern over poor research quality in versities and others

The government is concerned about the quality and relevance of research coming from universities. The Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, shared this worry after a meeting. The government feels that the research output doesn’t meet the country’s needs for development.

The government is asking university staff associations to be patient as it addresses the issue of withheld salaries. Mamman emphasized that research institutes should focus on relevant and valid research that contributes to the country’s development, and the government wants universities to play a key role in this.

The government also plans to ensure that public universities manage their finances responsibly and follow existing laws. There’s an approval to allow universities to withdraw from the payroll system and get recruitment waivers, giving them more control over their affairs.

The Minister mentioned that universities will only hire new staff when there’s a budget for it, and there’s a set ratio between academic and non-academic staff. He assured that the government is working to correct the oversight in the payment of salaries to non-academic staff.

The government is urging the Nigeria Labour Congress to understand its efforts to address their concerns. The Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, stated that most labor demands have been met, and there’s no need for protests. He explained delays in bus delivery, emphasizing that the government has not breached any agreements with labor.

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