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Family alarmed as 2 children vanish in Lagos

Two youngsters, Amirat Adeniji and Kadijat, have reportedly gone missing in the Ajegunle region of Lagos State, raising suspicions of a possible kidnapping, according to Amirat’s father, Rasheed Adeniji.

Speaking to PUNCH Metro on Monday, Adeniji disclosed that the children disappeared on New Year’s Eve from their home on Mobil Road, Ajegunle-Apapa, Lagos.

Adeniji explained that the last known sighting of the children was by an unidentified resident who learned they were going to purchase biscuits but never returned.

Recounting the incident, Adeniji stated, “The children were playing in the passage. The person who saw them last said they were holding N50 notes, indicating they wanted to buy biscuits. He told them to go back.

My wife said she did not know who gave them money to buy biscuits. We haven’t seen them since then. One of them is the child of my neighbor, who is just approaching two years old.”

Appealing to the public for assistance, Adeniji expressed concerns that the children may have been kidnapped, emphasizing their continued absence. He said, “We have not seen them. We have been to several police stations.”

Additionally, Adeniji’s brother, Lukman, mentioned hearing about another boy going missing in the area on the same day as the disappearance of the two children.

In a telephone conversation, Lukman shared details of the incident, stating, “They both mentioned they were going to buy biscuits, and the person who saw them questioned them.

After they said they were going to buy biscuits, the person went about his own business. Since then, we haven’t seen them. They’re girls aged four and two, and the incident occurred around 1 pm.”

Disturbingly, Lukman learned on Monday that another boy was also reported missing in the same area, bringing the total to three missing children.

The Divisional Police Officer at Amukoko, Bawa Malik, where the incident was reported, assured that they would collaborate with other stations to address the matter. However, he stated, “We learned it happened at Ajegunle, but we have not received any information yet.”


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