Bandits Murder Two Farmers in Taraba

Suspected bandits have claimed the lives of two farmers while they were working on their farmlands in the Yangtu Special Development Area of Taraba State. This tragic incident highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region, particularly in rural areas where farmers are increasingly vulnerable to attacks by criminal elements.

Authorities are urged to intensify efforts to address the underlying issues and enhance security measures to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of the residents in the affected areas.


The event occurred during the early hours of Tuesday in the southern region of the state. Habila Timothy, the former representative of the Ussa Local Government Area in the State House of Assembly, disclosed that the victims were farmers hailing from Kpambo village.

According to Timothy, the two individuals had ventured to their farmlands situated in Kwambai, a border town between the local government and the development area. Expressing the gravity of the situation, he siad that the affected community is currently in a state of disarray and confusion.

With women and children crying, he emphasized the distressing impact on the community, especially as night approaches.

“How many individuals can I transport in my vehicle to secure locations? And can we guarantee the safety of the route we plan to take? We desperately require assistance to restore peace,” lamented an individual affected by the situation.

Contrastingly, Abdullahi Usman, the spokesperson for the Taraba Police Command, informed Channels Television that the report has not reached the desk of the divisional police officer in the Yangtu Special Development Area.

Despite this, he provided assurance that active measures are underway to eliminate banditry from the state.

This marks the most recent assault in a string of attacks on the community orchestrated by presumed bandits.

The persistent attacks have forced a large number of residents in the impacted communities to flee, abandoning the area entirely. Consequently, essential aspects of daily life, including farming, schools, and various social activities, have come to a standstill in the affected region.

Presently, displaced residents are seeking refuge in makeshift shelters situated in the Yangtu Special Development Area, as well as Ussa and Takum local government areas.

The continuous disruption caused by these attacks has led to a significant displacement of the community’s population, prompting them to seek safety in alternative locations.

In recent times, Governor Agbu Kefas of the state has visited the headquarters of various security agencies in Abuja, aiming to swiftly address and prevent the ongoing killings.

The governor’s proactive engagement with security authorities underscores a commitment to finding effective measures to curb the escalating violence in the region.

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