Adeyanju, Human Rights Lawyer, to Stand for Bullied Students from Abuja School

Human Rights Lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, has taken up the representation of the bullied students from Lead British International School, Abuja, following the circulation of viral footage depicting the bullying incidents on social media early Tuesday morning. Adeyanju, in a phone conversation with our correspondent, disclosed that he, along with the parents of the victims, engaged in a three-hour discussion with the Head of School to outline the subsequent steps to be taken.

Confirming the temporary closure of the school for three days amid ongoing investigations, Adeyanju emphasized the gravity of the situation. Multiple video recordings captured students assaulting their peers, with one clip showing a group of female students repeatedly hitting a helpless classmate while questioning her about a boy’s identity.

The management of Lead British International School, Abuja, released a statement addressing the incident, affirming the launch of a thorough investigation. According to the Head of School, Abraham Ogunkanmbi, a dedicated team has been appointed to conduct a comprehensive inquiry, including reviewing video footage and interviewing witnesses, to ascertain the underlying causes and extent of the bullying.

Expressing deep concern over the matter, the school reiterated its commitment to fostering a safe and supportive learning environment. In addition to providing support to the affected students and families, the school announced plans to implement educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about bullying and its repercussions. Furthermore, the school urged social media users to refrain from further disseminating the video clips depicting the distressing incidents.

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