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Same Individuals Accusing Me of Betrayal Opposed My Political Ascent in Akwanga – Senator Solomon Ewuga

Ewuga Responds to Allegations and Clarifies PDP Involvement

In an exclusive interview with Eggon News, Senator Solomon Ewuga, a seasoned politician and former Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, addressed recent accusations of betrayal and defection plans leveled against him by certain individuals within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Ewuga vehemently refuted the claims, shedding light on his political history and emphasizing the inconsistencies in the allegations made against him.

Fabrication of Hunger and Tribunal Manipulation

Responding to the statement credited to Francis Orogu, the State PDP Chairman, Ewuga expressed amusement and disbelief at the allegations.

He dismissed the notion that he visited the Governor to procure judgment against a fellow party member, stressing that the tribunal had ruled in favor of Ombugadu in the first instance.

Ewuga emphasized that such sweeping statements not only lacked merit but also reflected poorly on those making the accusations.

Political Pedigree and Allegations of Betrayal

Ewuga, a founding member of the PDP and a key contributor to the party’s infrastructure in Nasarawa State, addressed the accusation of serial betrayal.

He highlighted his extensive political background, stating that he had never been considered for any significant electoral position within the party, despite his contributions. Ewuga explained that he resorted to joining the Senate under the CPC banner after the PDP denied him the ticket.

Accusations Stemming from Akwanga:

Senator Ewuga pointed out a crucial aspect of his political journey, revealing that the very individuals accusing him of betrayal had actively worked against his political aspirations in Akwanga. He recounted incidents of violence and electoral malpractices, noting that some of those now accusing him had benefited from his political stance at the time.

Age and Pedigree Comparison:

Addressing the personal attacks on his character, Ewuga emphasized his seniority both in age and political pedigree compared to his accusers. He labeled their behavior as “chicken-hearted” and “childish,” stressing that he saw no need to defend himself against baseless allegations.

In concluding the interview, Senator Solomon Ewuga urged for a more thoughtful and nuanced discourse, pointing out the lack of substance in the accusations made against him. The veteran politician remains steadfast in his commitment to public service and his extensive contributions to the political landscape in Nasarawa State.


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