Children desert ailing 81-year-old father at Ogun hospital

The Babcock University Teaching Hospital in Ilisan Remo has initiated a search effort for the children of Mr. Maurice Okpenyong, an 81-year-old patient who has been abandoned at its medical facility. According to Dr. Joshua Suleiman, the university’s Director of Communication, Okpenyong was brought to the hospital by his children—a man and a woman—who have since failed to retrieve him after the hospital discharged him in December 2023. The patient, hailing from Obot Akara Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, was diagnosed with Repeat Suprapubic Cystostomy upon arrival.

Initially discharged with a medical bill totaling N399,320, Okpenyong’s prolonged stay at the hospital has escalated his expenses to N1,279,350 as of March 20, 2024. Despite repeated attempts to locate his son, Lawrence, and daughter, their whereabouts remain unknown to the hospital’s management. Collaborating with local law enforcement, the hospital has scoured various addresses in Ilishan, Area F, and Bariga without success.

In light of the situation, the hospital made Okpenyong’s case public, expressing concerns over his welfare and security. Not only has the patient become increasingly unruly and abusive, but his behavior also poses risks to his own health and safety. Hospital staff have observed instances where he removes his urine bag, leading to unsanitary conditions and potential health hazards. Given these circumstances, the hospital has placed him under close supervision, fearing that he may attempt to leave the premises.

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