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Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshik: A Philanthropic Force Transforming Lives in Plateau State

Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshik, also known as Kefiano, is a philanthropist and a business mogul who has touched many lives in Plateau State. His humanitarian efforts were recently celebrated at a graduation party for three of his adopted children – Monica, Juliet, and Goodluck Kefas.

The party was not only a joyous occasion for the graduates, but also a recognition of Chief Kefas’ remarkable impact on the community.

Chief Kefas expressed his pride and happiness for the graduates, who had overcome many challenges and achieved academic excellence. He said that the party was a celebration of love, hope, and determination, and that the children were a blessing to him and his family.

Chief Kefas, popularly known as Kefiano, is a successful entrepreneur who has used his wealth and influence to empower the youth and women of Plateau State.

He has established the Kefiano Global Foundation, which provides various opportunities and support for the less privileged in the society.

The foundation runs the Kefiano Creative Hub, which trains aspiring creatives in various skills for free. The foundation also distributes food items to widows and orphans every year, reaching 500 beneficiaries from different local governments in Plateau State.

Additionally, the foundation assists people who are facing legal problems and cannot afford bail, by paying their prison fees and helping them reintegrate into society.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Chief Kefas’ philanthropy is his adoption of ten children who lost their parents to unknown gunmen in Plateau State. He has given them a loving home and a bright future, and has inspired many others to follow his example.

Chief Kefas and his foundation was honored at the Plateau Social Media Awards for their outstanding contributions to the society. The awards ceremony took place on October 1, 2023, at the CLAPAI ORPHANAGE HOME in Zara-Zong, Jos East LGA, Plateau State.

Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshik, or Kefiano, is a shining example of hope and change in Plateau State. His philanthropic endeavors, visionary leadership, and dedication to improving lives have made a lasting impression on the community.


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