FCT Police Dispatch Officers to High-End School in Abuja

The Kano State Police have apprehended eight individuals accused of attempting to disrupt the inauguration ceremony of newly appointed commissioners at the Kano Government House. According to Commissioner Usaini Gumel, the suspects posed a security threat at the venue, prompting their arrest.

Gumel warned troublemakers and their backers sternly, emphasizing that any attempt to disturb the peace during significant government events would result in arrest and legal consequences. He expressed concern over the presence of disruptive groups like ‘Yan Jagaliya’ around government facilities, highlighting the need to maintain order.

The alleged thugs, purportedly supporters of a prominent politician, were detained by the crime prevention patrol team following vigilant monitoring. Gumel affirmed that investigations were ongoing at the Command’s Criminal Investigation Department to ensure justice by the law.

The Kano State Police Command remains committed to upholding peace and security across the region, taking necessary measures to prevent any disturbances. Gumel urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals to law enforcement for prompt action.

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