A candidate aspiring for the position of governor in Edo employs an interpreter to formally announce their political ambition before their community members.


Aspiring to become the governor of Edo State, Asue Ighodalo utilized the services of an interpreter to convey his political ambitions to his fellow community members in a ward in Ewohimi, situated in the Esan South East Local Government Area of the state. A video clip capturing the aspirant’s interaction with his kinsmen surfaced on various social media platforms on Sunday.

In the brief video, Ighodalo, who is vying for the nomination of the Peoples Democratic Party, addressed the crowd in English, seeking their support, while an interpreter translated his words into the Esan language.

In the video, Ighodalo stated, “I want us to stand as one. If we stand as one, the whole of Esan will take us seriously, and we will be the pride of Edo State. I want everybody to go and register so that we can all vote as one body for the goodness and greatness of our land. You must have water, road, jobs, and light. By the grace of Almighty, if we get this governorship, we will get everything, and Edo State will be the greatest state in Africa.”

The occurrence has sparked varied opinions among netizens, with many criticizing the use of an interpreter to communicate with one’s kinsmen, interpreting it as a sign of a longstanding disconnect from the people.

“I bet, this is the first time he is coming home. He was brought by persons in the Government House. He does not even know the road to Ewohimi,” remarked Divine Greatiess on his Facebook page.

On the other hand, some individuals came to Ighodalo’s defense, asserting that using the local language does not bring investments and that the focus should be on the progress he can bring to the state.

“The official acceptable and most proficient language of communication in Edo is English. Stop the unnecessary brouhaha,” wrote Osagie Steven on his Facebook.





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