Assembly Panel Investigates Shaibu for Leaking Government Secrets

As the Edo State governorship election scheduled for September 21 draws near, Mr. Philip Shaibu, the factional candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), remains resolute in his campaign efforts, despite the looming threat of impeachment by the state House of Assembly. The deputy governor of the state expressed his unwavering determination during a press conference held in Abuja on Saturday, underlining his commitment to proceed with his electoral preparations regardless of potential consequences.

Recent developments within the PDP have intensified the political landscape in Edo State. Following the announcement by the returning officer, Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State, declaring Asue Ighodalo as the winner of the delegate election with 577 votes, tensions escalated. Conversely, a parallel primary held at the Benin residence of Deputy Governor Shaibu resulted in Bartholomew Moses proclaiming Shaibu as the victor, citing a significant margin of over 300 votes.

Addressing the media in Abuja, Shaibu firmly asserted his legitimacy as the authentic PDP candidate, casting doubt on the credibility of the primary that favored Ighodalo. He criticized the process as resembling more of a social gathering adorned with “aso ebi” attire, implying a lack of seriousness and integrity. Despite the contentious circumstances surrounding his candidacy, Shaibu remains undeterred, signaling his determination to press forward with his electoral aspirations.

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