Pastor Enenche Accuses Church Member of False Testimony

during a testimony session. The incident occurred when a video of Pastor Enenche questioning the credibility of a church member’s testimony went viral on Sunday. In the video, Enenche interrupted the woman, Anyim Vera, who claimed to have graduated with a “BSc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, accusing her of lying and demanding she leave the pulpit.

However, subsequent investigations by netizens revealed that the woman did indeed graduate from NOUN with an LLB in Law, as evidenced by her Facebook page and convocation participation list. This discovery has sparked diverse reactions on social media.

While some individuals have called for Enenche to apologize for his actions, others have defended his stance, suggesting that the woman’s lack of eloquence may have led to the misunderstanding. However, critics argue that Enenche’s approach was overly harsh and condescending.

Amidst the debate, various opinions have emerged, with some emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding, especially towards individuals who may struggle with public speaking or language proficiency. Others maintain that individuals should take responsibility for accurately presenting their testimonies, suggesting alternatives such as writing them down to avoid misunderstandings.

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