Bishop Matthew Kukah

Kukah urges Tinubu to halt the killings during Christmas.


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has urged President Bola Tinubu to take definitive action to end the ongoing killings in Nigeria.

In his Christmas message titled “Time to Reclaim Nigeria’s Greatness,” Kukah emphasized that Tinubu, having achieved the presidency, should use his experience to address the instrumentalization of religious, ethnic, and regional identities.

Kukah also discussed the 2023 elections and called for urgent healing across the nation. He acknowledged the challenges faced in nation-building and emphasized the need for reconciliation.

Kukah congratulated President Tinubu on attaining the presidency and stressed the responsibility to end the misuse of religious, ethnic, and regional identities. He urged the president to utilize his extensive experience to find solutions to pressing issues, emphasizing that the nation’s future is in Tinubu’s hands.

Kukah expressed concern about the erosion of hope in the nation and called for tangible evidence of positive change. He emphasized the need to dismantle the culture of corruption and address deep-seated structural problems, advocating for an end to senseless killings and the restoration of the sanctity of human life.

The bishop urged President Tinubu to rid the public service of corrupt individuals, emphasizing the importance of credibility for the Renewed Hope agenda. Kukah acknowledged the suffering unleashed by some policies and called for deliberate efforts to restore hope to the poor and vulnerable.

He highlighted the necessity of credible investigations into corruption and encouraged citizens to renew their commitment to self-examination and repentance. Kukah concluded by calling on Christians, especially during the Christmas season, to be genuine models of their faith, emphasizing that faith and honesty from citizens are essential for positive change in the country.

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